What To Look For When Choosing Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

A drug rehabilitation program may officially last for only a few months, but rehab is much more than just a 90-day fix. It must also (1) show that its facility meets state and local zoning, building, health, fire codes, and specific physical plant and food service requirements; (2) adhere to prescribed personnel, staffing, staff development, and service planning practices; (3) and, depending on the specific services it provides, follow certain medical and drug administration procedures.

Advanced Health's New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab is licensed through the New Jersey Department of Human Services Office of Licensing, is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, and has received the Joint Commission's Gold Seal for Quality in Behavioral Healthcare.

Although some people scoff at the idea of addiction as a disease, substance use disorder (also known as drug addiction or dependence syndrome) is defined by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as a "chronic brain disease".

For more information on Priory's exceptional drug addiction treatment, as well as the type and format of the addiction therapy that we can offer, please visit our approach to addiction treatment page. We have a range of referring Medical Specialists, including Addiction Specialists who can provide treatment in private hospitals to help you detox comfortably and safely.

A Right Drug Treatment Facility Leads To Productive Treatment A drug treatment center is sort of a personal space if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Detox addresses the physical withdrawal process, whereas therapy (discussed later) addresses one's psychological addiction to drugs.

Effective drug rehab Addiction Treatment process must neutralize the effects of the outside world and made an exclusive compound which is a haven and a place which is seen by residents as a threat or as such imposes itself on them. These programs also benefit people with a dual diagnosis, for example, a substance use disorder combined with a mood disorder.

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